Finding a Job that Works for Parents

Sep 13, 2021 | News

Having children is fantastic but sometimes it does feel as though having a family and a career is nearly impossible. The challenge of finding a job that works with being a parent can often seem insurmountable.

The great thing about a career in care is that there are hundreds of avenues to follow. And from day one the skills you have gained as a parent are completely transferable to a career caring for others. It’s quite simple, to be good at caring you need to be kind, patient and understanding, if you are a parent you will already be fully aware of all of these characteristics. If you can be all of these then the rest of the skills required to have a career in care can be learnt.

To start your career in caring, choose a role that fits around nursery or school hours, this will not have to be forever but will give you the experience and training required to build your career. A career doesn’t always start or end where you imagine it will but with a career in care you will always have options. The skills you will gain from training in any care home, residential home, hospital or other care setting will always be transferrable to other care settings. Over time you will discover where your strengths lie and can acquire training in more specialist areas. As your children grow so will you. As their lives change, your ability to be more flexible will also change. It is true that it wont always be easy to juggle family life with a career but it is definitely possible.

Oakdown House is located in Burwash Common it is a residential home for adults with learning disabilities, if you are kind, patient and understanding we would love to meet you. We have positions that fit with family life and understand that balancing childcare with a job is not always easy. Our residents love to get out and about in the community, we employ staff to take our residents out which we call 1:1 time. This 1:1 time can be fitted in during normal school hours. Imagine getting paid to go out and do fun things with fun people! For some parents working nights or weekends fits better with family life, we have positions that fit with those hours too. All roles within our home are rewarding and can lead you up the career path, we will support you to grow to your full potential.

You can have a meaningful career in caring and make it work with family life too.



 A Support Worker with one of the residents.





Entertaining residents on a fun day out

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