November News 2020

Nov 30, 2020 | News

Residents and staff at Oakdown House and Carricks Brook continue to deal with the changes brought about by Coronavirus amazingly well.

At Oakdown House there is a snug in place to facilitate visitors safely, although visiting and all protocols are under constant review. We are a family run business, so we fully understand and appreciate the importance of contact with family and friends where possible. We are lucky also to have the power of technology so residents are able to ‘zoom’ with friends and family regularly.

Everyone remains in good spirits making the most of all the fantastic activities that we have on offer. Both homes make the most of the beautiful local countryside with regular walks to the park and woods.


We are having regular ‘staycations’ at both homes! We had a wonderful Oakdown Lockdown Festival in the summer, banners were made and everyone dressed up in festival clothes. Full Beam Productions sung and performed at a safe distance entertaining all the residents from all units. Residents at Oakdown also enjoyed a 1920’s day which included a delicious afternoon tea. Carricks Brook had a mammoth sports day, residents enjoyed lots of fun games, races, picnics and take away food! Both homes went all out at Halloween with discos and fantastic costumes and Carricks Brook enjoyed fireworks and a bonfire on November 5th. Everyone is of course looking forward to Christmas and as I write this in November the decorations are already going up.

Best wishes to you all for 2021. If you fancy a change of career next year, a career where you will make a difference every day, why not try contacting one of our homes?


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